Money Orgone Pyramid

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Money Orgone Pyramid
Money Orgone Pyramid

899.00 549.00

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Money Orgone Pyramid has crystals and healing stones that help to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity, success, and all the good things. This pyramid is an energy generator and converts negative energy into positive energy. All these crystals and healing stones together help manifest & attract wealth, success & prosperity.

Where to place the pyramid?

Place the pyramid within the place where the members of the house spend the foremost time. The pyramid features a lot of energy in itself, so if a tired man sits near the pyramid for a few times or during a pyramid-shaped place like a temple, then his tiredness gets removed and therefore the pyramid generates vibrations of the mind.

Benefits of Orgone in a pyramid

  1. Protects against EMF radiation
  2. Deep Meditation
  3. Provides energy
  4. Balances moods
  5. Removes negativity from life


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