Santan Yog Kavach

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Santan Yog Kavach

5,799.00 2,299.00

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Having a child is a dream that each and every human sees. But sometimes due to many reasons this dream remains unfulfilled even after many efforts. This eventually saddens a person.

Rudraksha are considered one of the most effective beads. It is a solution to most of the problems that we humans face. It is considered that Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva himself.

Santan Yog Rudraksha is a combination of 6 Mukhi- 2 Mukhi- 6 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is blessed by Lord Ardhanareshwar and it helps in solving problems between husband and wife. Love between partners increases. Planet Venus helps in curing any problems and has a control over genital organs.

6 Mukhi Rudraksha ( Ruling planet – Venus, Presiding Deity – Lord Kartikeya who is the provider of wisdom and courage )

2 Mukhi Rudraksha ( Ruling Planet Moon, Presiding Deity –Lord Ardhnareeshwar which is a unified image of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati).


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